EFIBRE FROM EVOTEL (Dependable on coverage)

    Evotel 10/2

    Evotel 20/10

    Evotel 50/50

    Evotel 100/100

    Evotel 200/200

    Evotel 1000/500

    EFIBRE FROM OPENSERVE (Dependable on coverage)

    Openserve 25/25

    Openserve 100/50

    Openserver 200/100

    Openserve 500/250

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    Free Installation. Free Activation. Free to use router.
    Activation fees are applicable when migrating/switch from another ISP to the e-WISP EFIBRE packages.
    1st month fee will be calculated pro rata on the remainder of the month.
    Cancellation penalty applies. When cancelling within 12 months of activation, the installation fee of R2400 becomes payable.
    Installation includes 30m cabling. Any cabling longer than 30m is payable by the client.
    Payments are by debit order only, in advance on the 1st day of every month. Should the 1st day fall on a weekend, then the next working day will apply. R200 penalty will be added to any unpaid accounts to cover costs.
    EFIBRE packages are uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled. We do not apply throttling or shaping on any of the EFIBRE packages.
    All packages are for residential only. Businesses cannot sign up for these packages.

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