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Get the line speed what you pay for, up and down! If you pay for a 4 Mbps you get 4 Mbps etc…!



Customers can use the bandwidth without the concern of being throttled, shaped, contended or capped in anyway. e-WISP reserves the right to limit customer’s usage or speed based on our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which can be found on our website.



The Double-up accounts double the line speed from 8pm to 8am. Example: 4Mbps Home Double-up has a line speed of 4 Mbps from 8am to 8pm but doubles up to 8 Mbps from 8pm to 8am. Double-up accounts will only be available from 1st November 2018.



Family Protect is provided by Nerds on Site and DNSThingy. Our router protects your home or office by blocking unwanted content on all your devices.


  • Manage your Internet

    Easily block adult content and third-party ads, or only allow access to approved sites. Force safe search on Google, Bing, and YouTube. Access content that is blocked in your region.
    Want different settings for different devices? No problem! Create a rule set for the parent’s computers and another one for children’s devices. DNSthingy gives you the control!
  • Protect your business

    DNSthingy gives you control over your Internet connection. Blacklist unwanted sites to speed up your network. Or whitelist only required business sites to minimize the chance of being hit by malware and ransomware. We know that one size fits all doesn’t always work, so you can assign each device to a different rule set.
 To learn more about DNSThingy – Click the LOGO



VoIP-unlimited is exactly what is says! Unlimited local, national and mobile calls!!!!!! No extra charges!!!!!!

e-WISP partners, New Star Networks and Nerds on Site, is one of South Africa’s leading providers of hosted telephony, hosted phone systems, IP telephony, cloud phone systems and office move services.
NSN’s iPBX platform utilises the best technology available through multiple vendors to deliver the ultimate hosted.
Some of the features available on our hosted PABX platform:


  • Great range of handsets available depending on budget or solution
  • Wireless Handsets for mobile users
  • SIP and analogue conference units available
  • Expansion modules for easy call management


  • Call reporting
  • Call recording
  • Detailed call search
  • Short codes for quick dialling

Standard Phone Features

  • Voicemail
  • Call Divert and forwarding
  • Company Directory
  • Park calls
  • Up to 4 calls per handset
  • Seamless conferencing
  • Call waiting
  • Monitor

Platform/Company Features

  • Shared Voicemail
  • Hunt and reporting groups
  • Departmental Pickup
  • Company Address Book
  • Manage your own music on hold
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call queueing
  • Fax to Email

Out and About

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Mobile and laptop App
  • Mobile twinning